The Objective: Develop and build a practical, efficient and attractive retail facility for a major convenience store operator to satisfy its expansion goals into the new millennium


Fulfilling the Objective: Gary Butts, a contractor by profession, an architect by repute, NDS Group, a design/build firm founded by Gary Butts in 1971 and Chief Industries, a major manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings since 1966 met that challenge.


NDS designers, Gas 'N Shop officials and Chief engineers worked as a team to develop the prototype state-of-the-art Convenience store. Featuring clear span open space design, high lumen output lightning systems for open vaulted ceilings for an atmosphere conducive to customer satisfaction. The store in the picture below was constructed in Syracuse Nebraska. Other stores have already been built in York, Grand Island, Cozad, Ashland and other towns in Nebraska. Gas 'N Shop, with 72 stores is featuring this prototype in its continuing expansion program.


During it's entire history NDS has only entered one
"project competition". This is the one shown above.