Company Overview

The Company was founded in 1971 by Gary Butts as an architectural design and drafting service firm. A construction division was then formed and the company focused on residential and light commercial projects. The Homebuilding Division built over 500 new homes and remodeled and built additions to over 250 homes in the Lincoln area. The Residential Design Division (The Nebraska Drafting Service) produced the plans for over 4,780 Residences that were built in the Lincoln area and was a major producer of single family and multi-family residential plans in Nebraska.

The company began a transition into the commercial development, design and construction fields and by 2001, NDS had delivered over 700 commercial projects in over 18 Nebraska towns for over 320 clients.

Projects include restaurant and food service facilities, office facilities, service stations, convenience stores, car wash facilities, warehouse and industrial complexes, mini-warehousing, auto dealership facilities, industrial parks, strip malls, manufacturing facilities, gambling facilities, nursing homes, day care centers, liquor bars/night clubs, automotive shop facilities, multi-family housing and more.

On many projects, the Company's services extend to site selection assistance, development feasibility studies, variance actions before the zoning appeals boards, code variances before the building code boards of appeals, change of zone actions, administrative amendments, subdivision permits, and other development services.

A unique design-build approach developed by NDS integrates the Client into the design process from the onset of a project and maintains that involvement throughout the project to completion. A "Team Approach" brings design and construction personnel expertise to bear upon all components of a project from site development through mechanical and electrical systems. Design and construction are telescoped and competitive bidding is continuous from the preliminary plan stage through final plans therefore total design/construction time is significantly reduced. This translates into earlier utilization of the completed facility with a highly competitive bottom-line cost to the Client.

The Company's pre-architectural services include concept development, floodproofing feasibility studies, zoning actions and other land development aspects.

As a continuing accommodation to its clients after a project is completed, NDS provides optional Facilities Repair & Maintenance Management Programs to maintain the facilities to the highest standards.